A new era: fleet solutions powered by connected car data

Are you ready for a new era of device-free, data-driven fleet solutions?

Join our free webinar to look at the future of fleet optimization powered by connected car data. Together with our partner, High Mobility, we’ll be looking at the new possibilities that open up thanks to connected car data and how these can empower innovation across the fleet industry.



OEM-connected car data platforms generate data from the vehicle’s electronic control units (ECUs), Controller Access Networks (CANs), and in-car infotainment systems and make it accessible to third-party mobility applications in close-to-real time. These data points include many variables such as locations, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), fuel levels, AC consumption, battery levels, ADAS information, and many others. Directly flowing from the vehicle, they offer immense opportunities to create new data-driven solutions across the fleet industry.

Together with High Mobility, a leading connected car data provider, we will explore the untapped opportunities which are now unblocked thanks to Connected Car Data: connected fleet insurance, predictive maintenance, fleet management and tracking, residual value optimization, fleet EV composition, and many more. Join the discussion!


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Telematics, connected car data, fleet solutions, OEM data platforms, mobility data analytics, fleet management, fleet optimization, fleet innovation

Who is the webinar for

Fleet Management, Rental & Leasing, Car Dealers, Motor Insurance, Car Sharing

CIO, COO, Head Of Fleet Management, CTO, Innovation Manager


  • What car data enables today that was not possible before
  • What use cases it enables for fleets
  • Concrete examples of how car data can bring benefits

Frequently asked questions

What is connected car data?

Using telematics devices, cars can distribute data for many purposes to an end-user. Car data is created by electrical sensors linked to the ECU or Electronic Control Unit. An ECU is linked to an onboard telematics device that transmits live data. A user in a central location receives this data over the air, with an end interface that can be configured in a way that works for their business. Many car attributes can be transmitted live or at set intervals using GPS and mobile data networks.

Using car data, fleet management companies analyze their vehicles to help reduce costs, prevent maintenance issues, and schedule service appointments in advance. Governments and councils can use car technical data to manage traffic better. Insurance companies can have real-world use cases for their customers, and introducing smart cities with connected cars results in more efficient infrastructure. Most importantly, emergency services receive live vehicle data to accurately locate an accident, with automatic triggers to call ambulances if the vehicle senses it is in a severe accident.

What are the advantages of connected car data over traditional telematics?

Customers do not need to install any hardware devices in their vehicles and yet have access to many data points flowing straight from the connected vehicle. The accessibility and reliability of this data bring many opportunities for developing innovative data-driven solutions that can optimize mobility and open new revenue streams.

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