June 3, 2019


Motion-S S.A. announced today that its innovative products for predicting demand and Total Costs of Ownership for multimodal mobility have been labelled “Made in Luxembourg” by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. All solutions are designed and developed in Luxembourg by a team of experts in data science, backed by system architects and UI / UX specialists.

Today’s ever increasing traffic combined with trends for urbanisation, changed ownership models for private cars as well as an expanding demand for seamless multimodal mobility, challenges cities, OEMs, insurance companies as well as smart mobility providers. The Motion-S platform is offering prediction models for mobility demand and Total Costs of Ownership driven by the behavior of the user. We enable cities to offer seamless multimodal mobility and setting up a charging infrastructure  matching the demand. We deliver to mobility providers insights to improve their efficiency. We empower insurances to insure multimodal mobility on demand with user centric products. Our goal is to make individual mobility more efficient, more shares and more sustainable.. By sharing mobility dat on our platform everyone invests in the future of mobility.

Among the labelled products is a Software Development Toolkit (SDK), allowing clients to turn any mobile application into a data collection tool to gather mobility data. An API for data augmentation, using information on the road topology, environment, traffic or weather conditions of the driver’s ride among others, complements the offer. Our customizable visual analytics and reporting dashboards allow our clients to have deep insights into exposure to risk, car wear and energy consumption. To complete our offer, our skilled team offers mobility data analytics as a service.

The award of the label “Made in Luxembourg” constitutes a proof of the added value of these solutions that are entirely designed and developed in Luxembourg. Motion-S will present its solutions during the ITS Europe Congress, Eindhoven, NL from 03 till 06 June, as well as during the SNT Partnership Day, Mondorf, LU on 4 June 2019.


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