Motion-S and FEBIAC have entered in a strategic partnership for advanced mobility data management

September 13, 2018 

The availability of mobility data has drastically increased during the last years. By 2025 all new cars registered will be fully connected units. This situation is now enabling new applications and solutions that will change our future mobility in a very positive way. The analysis of mobility data will support new modes in mobility, including shared and on-demand mobility with innovative pricing schemes based on individual user profiles.

Motion-S, as the first spin off from University of Luxembourg, has been working on the collection, augmentation and analysis of mobility data for the last four years. Serving primarily Insurtech to provide Pay-How-You-Drive products, Motion-S has developed a fully device-agnostic platform that is able to analyse mobility data by visualizing the exposure to risk of the individual driver, treatment of the vehicle and eco-efficiency components. Very recently, Motion-S has joined forces with FEBIAC, the federation representing the automotive manufacturers and importers in Belgium and Luxemburg, who took an important share in the capital.

FEBIAC has over one hundred years of experience and is a federation with a strong dynamic of adaptation and change. Within its organization, a section “New mobility” has been introduced recently and a new department “Digital 360°” has been created. FEBIAC is also the organizer of the Brussels Motor Shows, that figures between the leading automotive shows in Europe With this long-term strategic partnership, Motion-S closed its first round of investment by raising 1 million € equity, which will push up the tech start up to the next level of evolution.

The partnership between Motion-S and the FEBIAC will accelerate Motion-S activities beyond Insurtech, including car-sharing, ride-sharing, fleet management (leasing, rental) and predictive maintenance for OEMs, among all actors in the mobility eco-system. Guido von Scheffer, CEO and co-founder of Motion-S says: “The investment will enable us to follow our strategic road map for our agile global growth. It puts us on the track of doubling our workforce within 2018 and foster our international expansion. This investment is also a starting point to make Motion-S become a global player in the changing market of mobility. This highly valuable partnership with FEBIAC will allow us to offer solutions to traditional mobility actors to overcome the threats they face from changing mobility markets.”

Philippe Dehennin, President of FEBIAC says: “I’m really delighted that Motion-S and FEBIAC could enter into this partnership. Collecting and analyzing data is one of the key challenges that awaits the automotive industry for the upcoming years. With Motion-S we’ve found a strong partner that will help us understand how vehicles are really used and should be further adapted to the expectations of all stakeholders. Mobility players are facing significant challenges. Data augmentation will be a key factor to shaping a sustainable future”.


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