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The Vias Institute offers for almost three decades road safety awareness-raising training courses for road offenders, driver education, and driver assessments, with custom modules depending on the offense committed or behaviors to coach – all having in mind making offenders aware of the risks on the road, appealing on their responsibility for other traffic participants, and generally developing towards safer driving.

With a training course in place, road offenders and other drivers can be coached in specific situations. But how can traditional coaching be improved with data analytics from Motion-S?
Getting insights of driving behavior with GPS, motion sensors and dashcam data can give coaches much richer content for their activities reaching a higher impact on drivers, who will link their behavior habits to real and quantified exposure to accidents.


Motion-S has provided the Vias Institute with five AI-empowered dashcams, fully integrated into the training cars. The trip data (GPS, Sensors, and Video-based Events) is sent to Motion-S’ data analytics platform.

A custom risk profiling, taking into account 23 risk factors, including distraction in-vehicle and tailgating, has been implemented to evaluate and identify the benefits of using a data analytics-based approach. Motion-S provided Vias Institute with access to the risk assessment and dashcam visualization platforms to test and explore new safe-driving coaching and road safety applications.


Industry: Training Institute

Location: Belgium

Vias institute, known until recently as BRSI (Belgian Road Safety Institute), was established in 1986 by the Belgian government. It has been fully independent since 2016. The institute is known by the public as the driving force behind the ‘BOB’ drinking-and-driving awareness-raising campaigns. Today, operating as Vias institute, they are expanding the fields they work in and putting their know-how to good use to promote better road safety, mobility, and security in general.

The name ‘Vias institute’ is derived from the Latin word ‘via’, meaning ‘road’ as well as ‘way in which’. It also reflects the broader role and interpretation that the revamped organization will be taking on. Changing people’s behavior on and off the road remains a constant in creating a better and safer environment for everyone.

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Motion-S, the Luxembourg-based data-driven mobility analytics company, announced today that the board decided to strengthen the company’s focus on mobility data analytics solutions. New solutions based on OEM-connected car data will be a centerpiece of the company’s offer. Motion-S will continue to expand its business activities related to its white-labeled insurance telematics platform and fleet optimization API that covers safe and sustainable driving and predictive vehicle wear analytics.

To drive the company to the next level, the board of directors further decided on a change in the company’s management. As of March 01st, 2023, Andres Petrillo will take over the position of CEO from German Castignani, co-founder of the company. The board thanks German for his outstanding engagement in leading the company successfully during the past three years as a CEO. German will continue to support the company’s growth as an advisor to Motion-S and will remain a shareholder of the company.
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