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Fleet managers aim to monitor their fleet in real-time to improve driver behavior and reduce the overall accident risk. More than that, many fleet operators face the challenge to gain competitive premiums with their insurance company, and in case a crash occurs to quickly settle claims having well documented and tracked causes for the accident.

VUE group took advantage of the deep experience of Motion-S to go beyond a simple ABC analysis of driving behavior by integrating the risk scoring in their feature-rich visualization dashboards.


Seamless integration of Motion-S risk scoring: as a telematics service provider with an excellent reputation and trust in both the fleet operator and the insurance sector, accurate scoring is a must. With Video Telematics as a perfect visual proof of driving style and technology to trace back the causes for accidents, the addition of driving behavior analytics based on proven risk factors, is a real added value.
Since 2018, VUE group has used the Motion-S contextualization and profiling platform. With VUEhub, a fleet risk management portal, they took the opportunity to integrate the profiling results via API. Timestamped, anonymized
localization data from fleet drivers are sent to the Motion-S Data Augmentation and Profiling API. In just a matter of seconds, VUEhub is able to use contextual information from different sections of the trips provided by Motion-S to enhance fleet monitoring. On top of that, getting risk assessment profiles on a per-trip basis allows VUEhub to carefully assess driving behavior with proven contributory factors for road accidents.

Global insurance companies and household-named fleets choose to partner with us for a reason: our product is excellent, our service second to none, and we have found with Motion-S a perfect partner who has the same standards.

Glen Mullins
Director of VUE group

Industry: Telematics Service Provider

Location: United Kingdom

VUE group offers a complete fleet management solution that increases fleet efficiency, reduces risk, and lowers claims costs. The company is a dedicated Video Telematics provider that delivers solutions to fleets across Europe and takes real-time to understand how to solve their problems and deliver the highest ROI for their business. Since VUE group was founded in 1999, the Video Telematics industry has changed massively. VUE group has grown to be an industry-leading Video Telematics provider during the last 20 years, and has constantly been at the forefront of new developments and technology

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