Motion-S joins forces with prime automotive investor

Group <a>, a leading automotive equipment supplier in Latin America, invests in aspiring Luxembourg data analytics company, Motion-S

Bogotá, Colombia & Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg, June 9th, 2021: Motion-S, the Luxembourg-based innovative company, announced today the recent strategic partnership and investment from Group <a>, who becomes a new shareholder after a capital increase.

Founded in 2014 as the first spin-off of the SnT (University of Luxembourg), Motion-S developed in its early phase mobile apps to support insurers in creating driving behavior analysis campaigns. Motion-S is a data-driven analytics solution provider in the mobility ecosystem and a trusted partner for companies from multiple industries providing them with the most advanced, accurate, and customized solutions on the market, focusing on risk assessment, energy efficiency, vehicle wear analytics, and electrification transition assessment.

In 2018, FEBIAC, an institutional partner, acquired a participation in Motion-S capital. FEBIAC is the automotive industry association representing car manufacturers, subsidiaries, and importers in Belgium and Luxembourg and is the interface between its members and all stakeholders in mobility, public or private, at a national or international level. FEBIAC has over 150 active members representing more than 250 automotive brands and has significant expertise in mobility, technology, energy, digitalization, data management, taxation, and regulations, allowing Motion-s to strengthen its position in the automotive sector.

The strategic partnership and investment from Group <a>, a current customer met at the Luxembourg Village at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, is a further milestone and will boost Motion-S’s solutions for the automotive industry. German Castignani, Motion-S’s CEO and Co-Founder, states that “Motion-S’s goal is to enable unified visibility on the total costs of mobility of their customers. This investment lets us continue on our mission to build smart solutions with further integration of data providers and platforms, as well as to develop new mobility profiling algorithms to better explain mobility costs.” Group <a>, being a leading auto parts manufacturer and supplier in the Americas, will support Motion-S as an industrial investor to revolutionize traditional automotive-related services based on rich data analytics.

Group <a> was founded in 1932 and has been manufacturing auto parts since 1952, serving both the aftermarket and OEMs in North and South America. The group manufactures and commercializes several product lines, amongst them, steel and alloy wheels, dampers, leaf and coil springs, brake pads, stabilizer bars, and clutches. Group <a> has operations spread out through the Western Hemisphere, approaching each market with products and solutions specific to its needs in several vehicle segments.

Hares Neme, Head of Innovation at Group <a>, and newly appointed member of the board of Motion-S, states: “We are thrilled to join forces with Motion-S. This partnership will further consolidate our path to service the future of mobility by bringing forth connected products and services that are better aligned to the specific needs of our users and their surroundings.


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About Group <a>
Group <a> offers a wide range of products and services through four business units focused on several industries including: Automotive, Real Estate, Mining Operations, and Construction. The Group has more than 5,000 collaborators from multiple nationalities and cultures working towards a common goal – improve the customers’ experience. In the automotive industry, it has won several OEM awards for the quality of its products and services and has built more than 11 renowned brands in the markets it serves. This year, it was awarded by the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) for its flagship project in Real Estate and Construction (Atrio), the Best Tall Office Building, Best Tall Building 200 – 299, and the Structural Engineering Award competing against skyscrapers all over the world. Its Mining Division has grown to become one of the most prominent players in MRO services, pioneering highly technical solutions to optimize costs while maintaining reliable mining operations.
Founded by Lebanese immigrants Chaid Neme and brother Hares Neme more than 89 years ago, Group <a> is still a family-owned business with the same founding values built around trust, innovation, commitment, and family, among others. The Group continues to serve society through the growth of its people and its non-profit organization centered on the development of Colombia’s education. ¦ ¦


About Motion-S
Motion-S is empowering its clients to design and implement new data-driven products and services in smart mobility, insurance, and the automotive industry by collecting, augmenting, analyzing, and profiling vast amounts of data from moving vehicles and individuals.
The company is a leading data-driven behavior analytics solution provider in the mobility ecosystem and a trusted partner for companies from multiple industries providing them with the most advanced, accurate, and customized solution on the market – giving them a head start in telematics.
The Motion-S mobility analytics platform transforms raw location and car data from smartphones, simple trackers, databases, or car data platforms into actionable insights – providing a deep understanding of individual mobility patterns. Predictive analytics in terms of risk, car health, and eco-efficiency allows fleet managers, insurers, OEMs, smart mobility operators, public authorities, and transportation providers to optimize their offers and improve their value propositions. ¦

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