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Claim context enables smart pricing

Claim Context Enables Smart Pricing

What do you know about claims? The approximate location, when it happened, and a few details that your client provided you. This information might be enough for essential claim management, but there is an unused potential to be unlocked by adding context to claims.
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Motion-S joins forces with prime automotive investor

Leading automotive equipment supplier in Latin America, invests in aspiring Luxembourg data analytics company, Motion-S.
The company will support Motion-S as an industrial investor to revolutionize traditional automotive-related services based on rich data analytics.
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Charging Infrastructure in Luxembourg

Is the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg sufficiently prepared in terms of charging infrastructure to allow a mass roll-out of electric vehicles? … Read More

Assessing the risk of vehicles instead of drivers: a paradigm shift in insurance.

With the horizon of having semi-automated vehicles being launched in the next few years, insurers need to prepare themselves to radically change traditional risk scoring and segmentation of their customer portfolio. … Read More

High Mobility and Motion-S partnership: car data-powered solutions

Motion-S aims to enhance its data-powered services for the digital car insurance and after sales sector by incorporating data from High Mobility’s telematics platform, which can be used to access data from more than 11 million cars on the streets of Europe. … Read More

The chicken and egg problem in insurance telematics

Is it impossible to have telematics tariffs without reaching the milestone of having relevant trip and claims data for a large reference group? How do you start your telematics-based insurance product without pre-investing time and resources on this milestone? … Read More

Improve your fleet’s driving style through effective training.

Do bad drivers remain bad? No, with tailored coaching on safety, energy-efficiency, and sustainability, you can change driving habits.
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Insurance tariffs and dynamic pricing: a historical contradiction?

Why are most insurance companies hesitant to create telematics products? We will make a strong hypothesis now: it’s because nobody really knows how to translate telematics data into their pricing models.
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Why it’s not enough to know where your drivers are heading to.
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Don’t judge a book by its cover: it’s not all about creating another usage-based insurance. Telematics offers a variety of opportunities to speed-up customer onboarding, increase competitiveness, and optimize your customer portfolio. … Read More


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